INCEMC Timişoara was established by Government Decision no. 1315 / 25.11.1996, published in the Official Gazette of Romania, part I, no. 338 of December 11, 1996 following the reorganization and merger of the following territorial units:
– Institute of Electrochemistry from Timisoara
– The Condensed Matter Research Institute from Timisoara
– Electrochemistry Laboratory within ICECHIM Bucharest.
– Department of Electrochemistry ICECHIM from Timisoara

INCEMC Timisoara is coordinated by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research (MEdC) through the National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS).

Fields of activity:
CAEN codes according to INS Order no. 337 / 20.04.2007

Main activity:
CAEN 7219 Research and development in other natural sciences and engineering

Secondary activities:

CAEN 2441 – Production of precious metals;
CAEN 2445 – Production of other non-ferrous metals;
CAEN 3700 – Collection and purification of waste water;
CAEN 3811- Collection of non-hazardous waste;
CAEN 3812 – Collection of hazardous waste;
CAEN 3821 – Treatment and disposal of non-hazardous waste;
CAEN 3822 – Treatment and disposal of hazardous waste;
CAEN 3831- Dismantling (disassembly) of machines and equipment taken out of use for the recovery of materials;
CAEN 3832 – Recovery of sorted recyclable materials;
CAEN 5811 – Book publishing activities;
CAEN 5812- Editing activities of guides, compendiums, address lists and similar;
CAEN 5819 – Other editing activities;
CAEN 7112 – Engineering activities and related technical consultancy;
CAEN 7120 – Technical testing and analysis activities;
CAEN 7211- Research and development in biotechnology;
CAEN 7320 – Market research and public opinion polling activities;
CAEN 7490 – Other professional, scientific and technical activities;
CAEN 8541- Non-university higher education;
CAEN 8542 – Higher university education;
CAEN 8559 – Other forms of education n.c.a.;
CAEN 8560 – Activities of support services for education;