40N/2019 Non-polluting and innovative technologies for health, environmental protection and energy efficiency / TINSME Code: PN 19 22
Program Director: Dr.ing. Ionel BALCU

PN 19 22 01 01 Advanced technologies for materials dedicated to energy sectors
Project manager: PhD. Eng. Flaviu FRIGURA ILIASA

PN 19 22 01 02 Graphentronics with quantum spin electrochemistry
Project manager: PhD. habil. Mihai V. PUTZ

PN 19 22 01 03 Innovative technologies for obtaining integrated devices for generating and storing electrical energy
Project manager: PhD. Marinela MICLĂU

PN 19 22 02 01 Innovative nanotechnologies for obtaining advanced hybrid materials with applications in environmental protection
Project manager: PhD. Paula SFÎRLOAGĂ

PN 19 22 03 01 Supramolecular inclusion complexes of some natural and synthetic compounds with applications in health
Project manager: PhD. Eng. Mariana ȘTEFĂNUȚ

PN 19 22 04 01 New technologies applied in the development of sensor type devices for environmental monitoring
Project manager: PhD. Carmen LAZĂU