01. PCE 38/2021

Project Director: Dr. Jacobus VAN STADEN

Project Title: New reliable platforms with modern nano-technology for on-site, real-time detection in the process of automatic data-intensive monitoring and control systems


02. PCE 21/2021

Project Director: Dr. Alina ZAMFIR

Project Title: Descoperirea si caracterizarea domeniilor de CS/DS cu sulfatare neregulata si a interactiilor acestora prin spectrometrie de masa cu mobilitate ionica


03. Project Plan Sectorial 1PS/09.11.2021

Project Director: CS I Dr. Ing. Balcu Ionel

Project Title: The development of innovative technologies using artificial intelligence for the exploitation of biomass from lake areas for the sustainable support of green energy


04. PED 600/2022

Project Director: Dr. Ruxandra MIHAI

Project Title: Tools and screening tests for the early diagnosis of gastric cancer


05. 683PED / 2022 (WAsSENS)

Project Director: CS I Dr. Fiz. Sfirloagă Paula

Project Title: Advanced Technologies for High Selectivity Detection of Organophosphate – Nerve Agent Simulants in Societal Security Applications


06. PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2021-0624 (728PED/2022)

Project Director: CS I Dr. Fiz. Marinela Miclău

Project Title: Optoelectronic neural network based on dye-sensitized solar cells for zero electric power consumption- AIDSSC


07. PED 628/2022

Project Director: Radu BĂNICĂ

Project Title: From intelligent electroconductive ink to self-disinfecting electronic surfaces


08. PN-III-P1-1.1-TE-2021-0963, TE13/2022

Project Director: CS II Cornelia BANDAS

Project Title: Hybrid electrodes for detection and degradation of the cytostatics from water


09. POC Spin-off, cod SMIS 156350

Project Director: Dr. Paula SFÎRLOAGĂ

Project Title: INO-SEN-Innovative technology for making SENsors for greenhouse gases


10. PNRR I8, C9-I8-C28, contract 760107/2023

Project Director: Prof. dr. Miroslav Dramićanin

Project Title: Visible-to-Ultraviolet Light Conversion Technology for the Cost-Effective Fight Against Infectious Diseases